MedSurvey Looks Toward the Future with New Office Design

MedSurvey, a medical market research company, has entirely redesigned and expanded its office space. The new Brooklyn loft design with an open space concept not only accommodates our rapidly growing team—with plenty of room to grow further—but reflects our commitment to creativity, technological innovation, and building strong relationships, both within our team and with our clients.

The new office features high ceilings with plenty of windows and natural light, an open floor plan, and a modern aesthetic. Comfortable couches, various workspaces that offer us the option of working away from our desks, and quiet private rooms and conference rooms allow us maximum flexibility and convenience. In addition, increased mobility encourages a collaborative environment and facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas within and between departments. 

“The entire thought process here is to get people interacting and make every employee mobile,” says CEO Paul Golota. “You cannot put people in a box [cubicle] and expect ideas to flourish.” 

Further, in keeping with our passion for developing inventive technological solutions to complex problems, the new office uses technology to make office operations simple and seamless. All devices and programs have been made standard and compatible. To streamline the formerly cumbersome process of coordinating and scheduling, we can now book conference rooms from a computer or tablet, and a reader will recognize employees as they approach the door. We can also wirelessly connect audio and video from our laptops to any screen with a simple click. We can even stream our favorite tunes to designated speakers from an iPad.


When speaking about our excitement over the new design, Paul said, “We’ve invested a lot in this experience because we believe that this is the future. We are breaking through walls—literally—and building an environment where we will continue to bring change and innovation to our industry.” 

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