MedSurvey Welcomes Paul Golota as New CEO

Today, MedSurvey is pleased to announce that co-founder Paul Golota will be bringing new leadership to our team as Chief Executive Officer. The new role took effect on July 3rd.

Golota’s expertise and vision will be valuable in furthering our mission and expansion moving forward. Already, in his role as Executive Vice President, Golota has been instrumental in doubling our growth over the past two years and spearheading key initiatives including: rebranding the company as MedSurvey to better reflect our experience and focus; enhancing recruitment capabilities by heavily investing in building relationships with the healthcare community; and furthering our company’s commitment to delivering a “wow” experience to all survey participants.
Golota’s commitment to excellence has helped to firmly establish MedSurvey as a leader in our field. "Paul's sheer determination has been the driving force responsible for taking MedSurvey to the next level," says co-founder and former President Sharon Ricca. "It is an exciting time for the company and I'm thrilled to get to watch (from my beach chair) as he continues to bring amazing innovation and passion to the medical market research space. My wisest decision was choosing Paul as a partner, and now 'passing the gavel' on to him."
Within our industry, MedSurvey is recognized for our dedication to providing high quality service to our customers and an engaging experience to survey participants. We are known for our development of innovative technological solutions that enable us to make complex processes simple, seamless, and effective. Golota, who has devoted himself to the study of business, technology, and psychology, meshes his knowledge of these fields to cultivate a collaborative company culture where innovation can thrive.

Says Vice President Gennadiy Geyler, "Paul's ability to propose and implement new ideas has had a tremendous impact on our team's ability to pull together and achieve great things. In addition to being able to focus on and create passion around the company mission, he also successfully addresses day-to-day challenges in a way that aligns with our long-term goals."

"I'm incredibly honored and excited to step into this position," says Golota. "We have what I believe to be the most talented team in the business. We are positioned to be the gold standard in medical market research surveys, and it will be our goal to bring great things to this industry–both for research firms and survey participants."

Under Golota’s leadership, we will more than double our current office footprint, with renovation to be completed by the end of August. The scheduled changes are designed to encourage a uniquely collaborative and dynamic company environment. We are excited about the expansion as we continue to learn, grow, and evolve.

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